#84 The Spectator

It was an idyllic Sunday afternoon by the river.  The blue waters gave way to white foam topped peaks as they hit against the rocks in their path.

A man and his lover lounged in the shade of a tree nearby. The remnants of their picnic lunch lay on the checkered sheet beside them.  She seemed to be laughing at something he said. A guitar stood propped against the tree with the song he would serenade her with later.

Feeling like an intruder Myrah moved ahead to the next canvas where a woman combing her hair stared into a mirror.


6 responses to “#84 The Spectator

  1. Love the twist at the end!

  2. yep, once again you’ve drawn us in emotionally to a scene, only to realize it is not what we think. Great job. Randy

  3. Can we see a happier Myrah soon? 😛

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