#65 Dawn

The suitcases stood by the door of her room. Nothing he said had stopped her from packing them last night. In the end he had watched dolefully as her wardrobes were emptied. How was she so happy about leaving?

It was all Aman’s fault. He couldn’t understand what she saw in the man. The man didn’t even like dogs.

Her alarm hadn’t worked today. He jumped onto the bed and dug his nose into her hair waking her from her sleep. This might just be their last morning walk together.

“Good morning Spike..” She said ruffling his long spaniel ears.


10 responses to “#65 Dawn

  1. thatcontrary....

    Sounds like a personal experience….. Nice

  2. thatcontrary....

    Not that any of us really understand what women see in their men, regardless of their affinity towards dogs or lack thereof

  3. Oh I do hope she isn’t leaving the dog behind, I hope she takes Spike with her …..!

  4. Every time I get a notification about your post I try and read the first few lines and guess what the twist will be, but It just doesn’t happen!! ..this one, the one with the grand mother!!! seriously awesome work you do!!

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