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#61 Goodbye

Tickets, Passport, Wallet – check.

He had bought the ticket two months ago and had been crossing days off the calendar ever since.

He reached the airport with an hour to spare. Myrah had chosen to stay back and they had argued about it again last night. He couldn’t believe she hadn’t called him to say goodbye. The final boarding call was announced and a wave of nostalgia hit him. He reached into his pocket for the phone and blinked the tears away as he found it empty.

The phone on the coffee table back home rang for the 22nd time.

My first guest post ever. 🙂

boy with a hat

Painting of waves

He wanted to tell her but the words refused to leave his tongue. Writing had been easier. He wasn’t good with words so the pictogram was simple. With one hand covering her eyes he brought her towards his canvas. She looked; but only saw the wave wash against their feet.

This story was written by…

Shruti Verma just cannot sit still. She designs some fun stuff, makes up stories to entertain her friends and loves a good game of scrabble. Don’t be surprised if you catch her in conversation with stray animals. (Publisher’s note: I have been observing her for a while, and I can say that she is courteous, blushes often, and tells good stories too!)

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