#60 Eve’s apples

The apples were perfect. They were shiny, red and juicy. As the crates piled up Sam bit into one enjoying its flavour.

This was the first year the crop had exceeded expectations. Maybe he’d just been using the wrong kind of fertilizer. Though, if that were the case, he needed to find some for next year.

A police car came up the road and stopped beside him. He offered the policeman an apple and listened to him talk. They were still looking for his wife and it was only a matter of time till they brought her back to him.

18 responses to “#60 Eve’s apples

  1. oh, that is terrific!!!!!!

  2. The tension here is palpable!

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  4. You are evil. I hope this doesn’t give any of us ideas. I love my wife, I do! But I doubt anyone would miss my boss…

  5. Uh Oh! You should see my husband’s tomato plants!

  6. thatcontrary....


  7. thatcontrary....

    A hug is the best I can do

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