#58 The Fortuneteller


People said her grandmother was the last to have the vision. She had tried but crystal gazing wasn’t her forte.

The stock market however was a different story. She understood how it behaved. It hadn’t taken her long to build a name for herself and now some of the cities élite were on her client list. It amused her how the click of a button controlled millions.

This morning she had made a 200,000 dollar profit for the man sitting across the table.
He crossed her outstretched palm with silver and she smiled. She still enjoyed the old school charm.

3 responses to “#58 The Fortuneteller

  1. like the man in the hat’s fruit pit story yesterday, you never know where the seeds of ancestors past will grow…
    yesterday’s balls are today’s stock in trade (sorry, but i couldn’t resist it) Randy

  2. thatcontrary....

    Nice play

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