#50 Nothing..

She looked at the frayed makeshift curtains and worn out couch. They had tried to make it look pretty but it wasn’t her dream house yet. She loved being in control but today it felt like it was slipping away.


“Honey what’s wrong?”


They had talked about starting a family but now wasn’t the right time. She had hoped the doctor would tell her it was a false alarm, instead she had listened to the doctor tell her the choices they had.


He had enough worries.


“Nothing babe, It’s just been a tiring day.” She said as she held him.

7 responses to “#50 Nothing..

  1. This comment will not be at all about your story but about the overall appearance of your blog. My nephew glanced through my shoulder while I was reading your story, and said: that’s very nice! He doesn’t know English so I’m sure he meant the design:)

    I like your story. Happy I’ve found you here!

  2. Your give such depth to so few words. You are very gifted.

  3. I’ve read enough of these to know something bad is now about to happen…. 😉

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