#47 Her Story

It had taken a little more than a year to write but Sarah was finally happy with it. The edited version had run into 1600 pages. Out of the 6 books she had authored, this was her most important project. It was the story of her life, everything she was proud of and all the things she wished she could forget.

She printed out the manuscript and put it into an envelope addressed to her publishers.

There was only one detail left to execute.

She loaded the pistol and took the safety off. Her autobiography had to stay true.

20 responses to “#47 Her Story

  1. They say that great artists aren’t truly appreciated until they are……..

  2. Another great piece! I love how the last two lines tie together so well.

  3. I didn’t quite expect the ending. The beginning didn’t quite tell me about the surprise! Brilliant.

  4. Nothing to worry about. She will enjoy posthumous satisfactions.

  5. Wow. What a punch. I am still in shock. I want to scream, “No.”
    I have to say, “great job.” Just, please don’t do that to me again (;-))

  6. oh i love it. it’s just how it should be.

  7. thatcontrary....

    Nice. Shows off your dark side too. Very nice.

  8. That was perfect! It was like a mini JD Salinger. Nicely disturbing.

  9. It reminds me of Steig Larsson too…though he didn’t kill himself. Very poignant.

  10. and this one is genuinely a masterpiece

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