#46 The little chef

She mixed the shredded rose and hibiscus petals and put them in a bowl with the leaves. She sprinkled a little white sand over it and mixed them like Mama did in the kitchen.

Making sure there were no stones she put two spoonfuls of mud in the mug and filled it with water.


Now came the most important part.

Taking the mug and bowl in her hands, she closed her eyes.


“Alsha doremi phadronus”

“Alsha doremi phadronus”

“Alsha doremi phadronus”


Sasha opened her eyes and put the bowl and the mug on a tray for Mama.

Lunch was ready.


5 responses to “#46 The little chef

  1. I think you are a really good writer of short stories, but don’t tell anyone I said that!

  2. In her defence, lunch would have been full of vitamin C….

  3. thatcontrary....

    Ok, now I understand why you don’t want to cook for the lunch….

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