#44 A Blind Date


8:50pm: “Aisha? Hi I’m Sujay. Amaya’s a running a little late. Can I keep you company till he gets here?”


8:40pm: Was there a photograph of him on the site?


8:00pm: Sujay couldn’t wait to reach the hotel and see how he looked.


7:30pm: He had a haircut and bought his first suit.


7:00pm: The phone buzzed. “Hi Amaya, this is Aisha. I got your number from Palfinder. Would you be free for a drink tonight? Say around 9 at the Hotel Continental?”


6:45pm: Careful that no one was watching him, he fished the phone and wallet out of the man’s pocket.

9 responses to “#44 A Blind Date

  1. Ah?…… aaaaah! I get it;-)

  2. I didnt mind reading this one twice!! One from the beginning and second from the end!! Fun, indeed.

  3. Reading from the beginning is mysterious and creates an exciting confusion in the mind. Reading it backwards, of course makes you understand the situation and retains the fun. So both ways are so important for me.

  4. thatcontrary....

    This one is really you, loved it

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