#39 All the King’s men


White move: Bishop moves D5 to C4

Black move: Knight moves E4 to G5


He might have taught Aryan the game but he was out of the boys’ league now. He knew the game was a few moves away from the end.


White move: Rook moves H2 to F2


He looked at the screen waiting for the boy to play.


He missed his grandson.

When they moved away they had gifted him the computer. He had been apprehensive of the machine at first but Aryan was a good teacher.

Their afternoon games had resumed but it didn’t feel the same.

6 responses to “#39 All the King’s men

  1. Can a contradictory optimist play chess? Are you smart? 🙂

  2. Violet like Irises
    Indigo like the king’s robes
    Blue as her eyes
    Green like his jealousy
    Yellow like his cowardice infront of her father
    Orange like the gift she gave him
    and Red for their passion


  3. thatcontrary....

    There’s a bittersweet poignancy to this that is so delectable. Good Piece.

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