#32 Power

There was a difference of not more than half a dozen words between the 2 documents on his desk. That difference decided the future of a man’s life.

He had always been against taking lives but how did he justify pardoning a murderer.


The voices of the prisoner’s 87 year old victim and 6 year old child plead their cases even in his sleep.


It was his first case as the new Governor. He could feel the pressure of proving himself to the people who had appointed him.

He signed the paper.


Power wasn’t as euphoric as it had seemed.

2 responses to “#32 Power

  1. So he did sign the pardon, and choose the future of the six year old child? I think the ending is then improbable. If he is a new Governor then he would be under pressure to do justice, not think about the murderer’s child. Maybe an exiting Governor would pardon him.

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