#27 Chance Encounters

Note: to enjoy this story first read the 3 preceding it. It isn’t a continuation but does have a connection to them. Cheers! 


“Hello stranger!”

“Sharon! What a surprise! Where’s Jeff?”

“He’s at home. Yesterday, he decided elephants turn white when they grow old! ”

They laughed as she showed him a picture of the drawing on her phone.

“How’s the hat collection?”

“This one is no.87”


“Have you met Ryan? We went to art school together.”

“Nice to meet you! I wish I could stay but I’m not carrying an umbrella and the rain looks like it’s going to pour.”

“Here’s mine, let me drop you,”

“That’s really sweet. Thank you!”

Ryan smiled, this wasn’t as hard as he had thought.


3 responses to “#27 Chance Encounters

  1. You pulled it off in style. I applaud you. I would also hug you, but only if you let me!

  2. A wonderful thread of continuity!

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